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How to add custom CSS and JavaScript to your WonderCMS powered website using plugin

As default WonderCMS has a built-in hooks used for creating plugins, Each hook has it's own use.

$Wcms->addListener('page', 'yourFunctionName'); // attach your function to the page 

This hook is used for additional content to defined page

$Wcms->addListener('js', 'yourFunctionName'); // can... (More)

You and everyone using WonderCMS can link back to WonderCMS site for appreciation by using a plugin called PoweredBy7 (by @shoaiyb sysa12)


Listeners/hooks are used for creating plugins

Creating a plugin

  • Your plugin folder must reside in the plugins folder (
  • IMPORTANT: plugin-name.php must have the same name as the plugin folder name.
    • For example, if your plugin folder name is plugin-name, then the... (More)